Assisted Living in Plano, TX

Prestonwood Court is an assisted living community in Plano, TX designed to provide a full spectrum of services and senior care for our residents. Assisted living gives residents the best of both worlds offering independence with personal care and support services available if they need them. Residents at our assisted living community have a variety of choices based on their individual need.

Whether our residents need help with the activities of daily living, help getting to appointments, or medication management, the staff at Prestonwood Court focus on meeting all of these needs. We serve each resident with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Service Plans Include:

Service Package 1

  • Escort service
  • Extensive verbal cueing
  • Reminders for persons with memory loss

Service Package 2

  • Escort Service
  • Assistance with bathing/dressing OR
  • Assistance with incontinence care 

Service Package 3

  • Escort Service
  • Assistance with bathing/dressing AND
  • Assistance with incontinence care

Senior and caregiver at Prestonwood Court assisted living.

Prestonwood Court

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